C95 Radio Marathon Raises $287,388


For immediate release: Friday, October 18, 2013


The 2013 C95 Radio Marathon for Breast Cancer Research raised $287,388 which is more than 3.3 million dollars raised since the C95 Radio Marathon started 14 years ago. This makes the C95 Radio Marathon the largest and most successful fundraising event supporting the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency.

The C95 Radio Marathon began in October of 2000 when C95’s Morning Show host, Lisa Rendall was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. Upon Lisa’s stage 4 diagnoses, her immediate wish was to raise money for the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency research department. Lisa fought hard against cancer both personally and publically and played a key roll in fundraising efforts. Sadly, Lisa lost her fight in April 2011 but we work to continue the fight in her honor.

Amanda LePage became the C95 Radio Marathon Ambassador and spokesperson in 2012. Amanda is the typical small town Saskatchewan woman… a mother, a wife, the person in line behind you at the grocery store. She had a regular life and in an instant her entire world changed. Diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 33, with two young children and a loving husband, Amanda had no choice other than to fight for her life.

Amanda urges, “I never believed it could happen to me. CANCER. Would I even live to see my kids grow up? What would my kids do without a mom? What would my family do without me if we don’t beat this? Today it was me. Tomorrow it could be you. I know we can do it if we unite! Join us in the fight. Help us conquer breast cancer by making a donation to the C95 Radio Marathon.”

C95’s Shauna Foster reminds us, “It’s important to remember Lisa Rendall’s legacy not only what she did for breast cancer awareness but for the inspiration and support she provided in our community. It’s vital to continue working as hard as we can in our dear friend Lisa’s memory but also for the newly diagnosed women & their families, like our Amanda.

Over six hundred Saskatchewan women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. Lisa Rendall was an advocate for early detection and would tell women that, “finding your breast cancer early is extremely important”. For that reason, raising awareness is another important result of the C95 Radio Marathon, “the more we can convince women to do self breast exams, exams by their family doctor, and have regular mammograms, the more lives will be saved.”

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Nicole Kelly
Director of Promotions