Dedicated Husband Raises Thousands of Dollars in Support of Wife

C95’s Rob & Shauna will kick off the 13th annual C95 Radio Marathon for Breast Cancer Research at 6:00 a.m. Thursday, October 18. They are broadcasting live from The Mall at Lawson Heights until 6:00 p.m. on Friday, October 19. To date C95 has raised over 2.7 million dollars for breast cancer research at the Saskatchewan Cancer Agency.

Meet Lowell Irvine: Lowell Irvine is a dedicated & supportive husband to Nicole Irvine. Aware of the importance of mammograms, Lowell’s wife Nicole, visited her doctor in June and found out that she had a cancerous lump on her breast. With Lowell by her side, Nicole underwent a radical breast mastectomy along with other procedures upon diagnoses. Thanks to early detection and an exceptional team of medical professionals in Saskatoon, Nicole is now in the middle of an aggressive treatment plan which she hopes will end with a positive outcome.

Feeling powerless with the situation yet blessed because of the exceptional care, Lowell rallied his friends, family & co-workers to raise money for the C95 Radio Marathon. After a few short weeks, Lowell will shave his head & donate more than $11,000 to breast cancer research.

“Raising this money is obviously in support of my soul mate. Part of my motivation as well is that we are often programmed to try to fix things, machinery, appliances, relationships, finances, stuff in general. In this case, I can't fix this. What I can do though, is to raise a few dollars for those who can. The support received from family, friends and colleagues has been overwhelming.”

Support Lowell & Nicole at 12:30 p.m. on Thursday, October 18 at The Mall at Lawson Heights as he shaves his hair in support of his wife & for those who are affected by this disease. To reach Lowell for an interview, please call 222-4641.

The C95 Radio Marathon began when former C95 morning show host, Lisa Rendall, was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer after a vertebra in her neck collapsed. The cancer had spread beyond the breast to the vertebra in her neck and throughout her spine, ribs and liver. She was 35 years old. That fall, C95 hit the airwaves to raise awareness and funds for a cure. Lisa Rendall lost her battle in April 2011 after living nearly 12 years with incurable breast cancer. If Lisa was here today, she would encourage others to make an impact, to donate… to save a life!

To make a donation call 374-GIVE (4483) or donate online at

For more information contact:
Vanessa Thomas
Promotion Director, C95
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