Rock 102's Coats for Kids delivers winter warmth for children in need

Rock 102's Coats-for-Kids distributed about 2000 childrens' winter jackets at an event at St. Michaels Community School on Nov. 19, 2015.
Donations from around Saskatoon are helping children in need stay a little warmer this winter.

Thursday saw Rock 102's Coats-for-Kids hand out winter jackets along with things like toques, scarves and mitts at St. Michael's Community School.

Dozens of kids were on hand to pick items for themselves from piles of winter clothes. Also joining the scramble were several community co-ordinators, who will be responsible for distributing clothes elsewhere in the city.

"It's really awesome, because I see a lot of people that don't have a coat playing outside and it's really, really sad," said Tanis, a grade 7 student at St. Michael's.

Community co-ordinator Lori Pulai said the program's annual coat giveaway is always a big help -- especially as higher prices for food and expensive rent continue to take their toll on the city's less fortunate.

"Families are struggling right now, so just being able to get some coats for their kids is helping those families out. And those kids will go to school because they're warm," she said.

All told, this year's Coats-for-Kids gave out over 2000 coats, along with about 600 other items of winter clothing.