94.5 Jack FM - 8th Annual Uncover the Cure

Community Raises $78,670 for the Prostate Assessment Centre

The 8th annual Uncover the Cure Cocktail Party successfully raised $78,670 in support of the Prostate Assessment Centre (PAC) housed at the Pasqua Hospital. Rawlco Radio initiated the event and continues to support the Hospitals of Regina Foundation in raising proceeds to enhance and improve services provided at the PAC.

Over the last eight years, through Uncover the Cure, a total of $838,000 has been raised to help establish the Centre and also to provide funding for state-of-the art equipment and technology, including biopsy tools, vital signs monitors and an ultrasound. This year’s proceeds will allow for further upgrades to technology and equipment to better care for those diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Tom Newton, Vice President and General Manager of Rawlco Radio, said "Rawlco is heavily invested in supporting men's healthcare. The Prostate Assessment Centre fills such an important need in our community. Rawlco is dedicated to keeping this Centre equipped with the most up to date technology. Thank you to all who support Uncover the Cure and the Prostate Assessment Centre."

With prostate cancer rated as the most common cancer affecting men, the Prostate Assessment Centre is critically important in providing early detection, diagnosis and treatment of this disease.

Janet Wightman, Chair of the Board of the Hospitals of Regina Foundation, said, “Rawlco Radio continues to be a dedicated and committed community partner, providing tremendous support to healthcare in our community. We specifically thank and appreciate their leadership and significant role in the establishment of the Prostate Assessment Centre and their continued support in providing advanced equipment and technology. In addition, a heartfelt thank you also goes to the community for their support.”